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Jacqueline Bissett: An actress with a very pretty household name and face

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Jacqueline Bissett: An actress with a very pretty household name and face

  • Jacqueline Bisset has a very pretty name
  • She also has a very pretty face to match
  • Jacqueline Bisset is also a very talented actress
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What is great about the name Jacqueline Bisset is very clear. Not only is it a name that belongs to an awesome and totally great actress who has been around for years. It is also a name that is very pretty in sound and has a tremendous air of sophistication about it too. Just the perfect and ideal name for a stage persona in the entertainment world.
Jacqueline Bisset in her prime
Jacqueline Bisset used this name to pursue her acting career with from the get go. The name she was born with wasn't as regal in description. If anything, her legal birth name had more of a strong hint of being English, as well as French in sound. Nonetheless, what's in a name, what is more important is what it is in this particular actress. What is in her is pure talent and very attractive good looks. When she first arrived on the scene back in 1965. This was when she played an extra in The Knack and How To Get It. She made her very first, as well as official screen debut in a Roman Polanski film called Cul-de-sac, just one year later. Another movie role followed a year later, and it was for, the film titled Two for the Road. She was also part of a James Bond satire, which was titled Casino Royale, where she played in the role of Miss Goodthighs.
She got her first lead role in The Cape Town Affair with James Brolin, as well, in that very same year.
Jacqueline Bisset is still beautiful
Jacqueline Bisset is still beautiful
It wasn't until 1968, that she would begin to gain huge recognition for herself in the acting world, when she got the role of Norma MacIver in The Detective. She was chosen to replace the actress Mia Farrow and got to play opposite Frank Sinatra. Doing a role in the movie Sweet Ride is what won her a nomination of the Golden Globe for the Most Promising Newcomer. A good many of the movies that Bisset did act in were either French or Italian productions. This is where she did earn the undying respect as a movie actress from both European critics and fans that truly loved her work.
Bisset made an attempt to get known better as an entertainer in America, in 1977, by appearing in the movie called The Deep. She made the film a big box office success by only wearing a tee-shirt while swimming underwater. This tee-shirt made Jon Peters make a statement of, “That tee-shirt made me into a wealthy man,” and it also established Bisset as being the one who popularized wet tee-shirt contents everywhere. Bisset has never had trouble finding work as an actress in the industry. If anything, she has managed to make the transition from leading lady on-screen to character actress, very successfully. One doesn't have to stop acting just because they have turned 40, or are over 40, and she proved this truth very well.
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